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I grew up in a family that used drugs and alcohol.  That's all I really knew.  My family rarely talked about God.  I'd used drugs and alcohol since I was 14 years old and I was dependent upon it somewhere around the age of 20.

My addiction has put me in the hospital several times.  I've spent 2 solid years homeless at the age of 26.  Ever since then, I've bounced in and out of treatment centers and never been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I came to Hastings to try to find a fresh start and something new.  I found Crossroads.

Crossroads has taken a different approach to deal with my addictions and sin nature.  They're teaching me now to think different, be responsible and change old habits.  But most important, they're helping me gain a connection with Jesus Christ.  Truthfully, I haven't been this happy in a long time.  For the first time in a very long time, I have hope again, and a joy that no drug can replace. 

I grew up in Columbus, NE.  I was always a good kid up until I graduated high school.  I joined the Marine Corps when I was 17 and was kicked out for smoking marijuana the night before I left for boot camp.  After that my life was a disaster.

I began using drugs and drinking alcohol like water.  I had no goals.  I had no relationship with God.  I spent about 2 years in jail and the night before I was to be released a buddy of mine that I met in jail told me about Crossroads.

It is an AMAZING place.  I since have accepted Jesus Christ into my life and things couldn't be better.  With Jesus anything is possible.

I am a full-time college student and will earn a degree in about 2 years.  It's amazing how when you finally get saved by our Lord God, the doors and possibilities that are available to you.  I never planned for my life to be like what it has.  It has been tough and I now look forward to the challenges that await me.  I owe this to God and to Crossroads.

When I came to Crossroads back in September, I had nowhere else to go with my husband and kids.  I was in such a deep depression with losing my job, our house, giving up our two wonderful dogs and losing three of my closest family members in the past year.

Crossroads Mission Center has brought me so far in so little time.  They have given me the resources for personal counseling and classes to better my life when my family and I get out on our own again.  All the staff is wonderful to us.

Devotion time is very spiritual to me.  It lifts my spirits and gets me motivated in the morning.  Also, since I have been here I have found Jesus again.  On January 10th of 2010 my family and I went to church for the first time in 6 years at the North Shore Assembly of God Church.  I had a spiritual, uplifting, emotional experience.  I was able to finally let go of the ones I lost a year ago.  I knew they were fine and doing wonderful in God's world. 

Crossroads Mission Center is a wonderful place to come and find yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Thank you for all you have done for my family and I and for all the services you have provided.

When I first came to Crossroads, I was broken; financially, physically, emotionally, but mostly spiritually.  The staff and volunteers at Crossroads have guided me back onto the right path, shown and taught me new skills and have treated me with the utmost respect and dignity.  The Christian atmosphere and faith-based programs have not only brought me back to the Lord, but have taken me to a higher level of Christianity.  God bless Crossroads and staff.  They will forever be in my prayers. The community and surrounding areas are so blessed to have such an incredible facility available.

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